5th Conference

Dr. Trương Minh Huy Vũ

Minh Huy Vũ

TS. Trương Minh Huy Vũ hiện là Giám đốc Trung tâm Nghiên cứu quốc tế (SCIS), trực thuộc Trường Đại học Khoa học xã hội và Nhân văn, Đại học Quốc gia TPHCM. Ông tốt nghiệp Thạc sĩ tại trường Đại học tổng hợp Bochum năm 2010 và bảo vệ luận án Tiến sĩ Kinh tế -Chính trị quốc tế tại Đại học Bonn, CHLB Đức năm 2014.


TS. Trương Minh Huy Vũ nổi tiếng với nhiều bài nghiên cứu, bình luận, đưa sáng kiến, giải pháp về quản lý tranh chấp Biển Đông. Các ấn phẩm của TS. Trương Minh Huy Vũ xuất hiện trên các tạp chí khoa học và thảo luận chính sách như Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional, East Asia Policy, E-International Relations, ASIEN, International Policy Digest, The Diplomat, v.v… Ông cũng là đồng chủ biên tập sách “A Regional Power Shift in the Making? The Rise of China and the South China Sea Disputes” xuất bản năm 2015.

USSH, Vietnam National University HCMC

Dr. Nguyễn Thành Trung

Thành Trung

Dr. Nguyễn Thành Trung is Head of Faculty of International Relations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. He received his education in universities in Vietnam, China-Hong Kong, and the US. Information about his expertise and publications is provided below in greater detail. 
Nguyễn Thành Trung

Faculty of International Relations
University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City
10-12 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Email: trungnt@hcmussh.edu.vn

·         Ph.D. in Government and International Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
·         PhD program (incomplete) at the University of Virginia (UVa) (2010-2012)
·         Master’s degree program in International Politics at Fudan University (2009)
·         Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (2007)

·         May 2016 – present: Lecturer Faculty of International Relations at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities.
·         September 2002 – 2007: Lecturer at the Faculty of English Linguistics and Literature at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Selected Publications

Journal Paper:
·         Anthony M. Orum, Sidney Bata, Li Shumei, Tang Jiewei, Sang Yang, Nguyen Thanh Trung “Public Man and Public Space in Shanghai Today,” (co-authored), City & Community, 8:4 December 2009.
Book and Book Chapters:
·         Truong Minh-Vu and Nguyen Thanh Trung, "Vietnam's Policy Options and Future Prospects," in Fu-Kuo Liu, Keyuan Zou, Shicun Wu, and Jonathan Spangler (eds.), South China Sea Lawfare: Post-Arbitration Policy Options and Future Prospects, Taipei: South China Sea Think Tank / Taiwan Center for Security Studies, April 20, 2017. (ISBN 978-986-92828-2-6)
Op-eds/Commentaries / Analysis:
·         Nguyen Thanh Trung and Truong Minh-Vu, “The Real Significance of the Japan-Vietnam Strategic Partnership,” The Diplomat, September 16, 2015,  http://thediplomat.com/2015/09/the-real-significance-of-the-japan-vietnam-strategic-partnership/
·         Truong Minh-Vu and Nguyen Thanh Trung, Vietnam’s Foreign Policy: In Search of a Delicate Balance,” Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, November 10, 2016, https://amti.csis.org/vietnams-foreign-policy-search-new-delicate-balance/
·         Truong Minh-Vu and Nguyen Thanh Trung, “Vietnam’s Need for a Post-Arbitration Policy,” Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, August 18, 2016, https://amti.csis.org/vietnams-need-post-arbitration-policy/.
·         Truong Minh-Vu and Nguyen Thanh Trung, “Xi’s Vietnam Visit: More Symbol Than Substance,” Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, November 10, 2015, https://amti.csis.org/xis-vietnam-visit-more-symbol-than-substance/.
·         Truong Minh-Vu and Nguyen Thanh Trung, “A US-Vietnam Alliance or (Still) a US-China-Vietnam Triangle?” International Policy Digest, October 3, 2014, https://intpolicydigest.org/2014/10/03/u-s-vietnam-alliance-or-u-s-china-vietnam-triangle/.
·         Truong Minh-Vu and Nguyen Thanh Trung , “Deference or Balancing Act: Whither Vietnam’s Foreign Policy Tilt?” CogitAsia, September 2, 2014, https://www.cogitasia.com/deference-or-balancing-act-whither-vietnams-foreign-policy-tilt/.
Selected International Conference Presentation:
·         Nguyen Thanh Trung and Truong Minh-Vu, “China-Vietnam Relations after the Oil Rig HYSY-981: The Politics of Struggling Co-Evolution,” the Vietnam Forum 2016, “Vietnam: Thirty Years of Doi Moi and Beyond,” Singapore, April 7-8 2016, https://www.iseas.edu.sg/medias/event-highlights/item/2893-vietnam-forum-2016-reviews-thirty-years-of-doi-moi
·         Nguyen Thanh Trung, “Accommodating the Dragon: Vietnam’s durable entanglements with China,” American Association of Chinese Studies (AACS 54), George Washington University, October 1-2, 2014, https://aacs.ccny.cuny.edu/2014conference/Papers/Nguyen%20Trung.pdf
·         Nguyen Thanh Trung, “Chinese Military Advisors in Vietnam in the early 1950s,” The 7th Triennial Vietnam Symposium, Texas Tech University, March 2011, https://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/events/2011_Symposium/2011agenda.pdf
Media Interviews:
I participate in numerous interviews for Tuoi Tre Daily Newspaper, Thanh Nien Daily Newspaper, Phap Luat Thanh Pho, Vietnam News Agency and so on. Some recent interviews include:
+ Thanh Nien Newspaper (09/04/2017): http://video.thanhnien.vn/the-gioi/my-tan-cong-syria-hanh-dong-cam-tinh-cua-tong-thong-trump-83438.html
+ Tuoi Tre (05/04/2017): http://tuoitre.vn/tin/the-gioi/20170405/bau-cu-phap-va-noi-am-anh-nga/1291847.html
+ Phap Luat Thanh Pho (06/02.2017): http://plo.vn/quoc-te/ong-trump-voi-phep-thu-kiem-soat-va-can-bang-680551.html
+ Phap Luat Thanh Pho (07/07/2016): http://plo.vn/ho-so-phong-su/trung-quoc-se-phan-don-gi-sau-phan-quyet-cua-pca-639178.html
Besides, I am in the editorial board for a non-profit website www.nghiencuuquocte.net, which aims to spread the knowledge of international relations to the public.  http://nghiencuuquocte.org/nhan-su/

·         The first Vietnamese ever to receive the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Award (2012-2015)
·         Harvard Yenching Institute’s Fellowship (2010-2012) at the University of Virginia
·         United Board for Higher Christian Education in Asia scholarship (2007-2009) at Fudan University


USSH, Vietnam National University HCMC

Dr. Jamie Gillen


Dr. Jamie Gillen has been an assistant professor of geography at the National University of Singapore since 2011.  His primary research and teaching is focused on tourism in Southeast Asia, with a focus on Vietnam. Jamie published a short book in 2016 that summarizes his research on the intersection of entrepreneurialism and tourism in Vietnam. Vietnam is also the centerpiece of other recent publications on topics like the urban-rural binary, the various uses and symbolisms of the motorbike, and the tools used to undertake fieldwork. His current projects include collaborative studies on Asian smallholders and Asian futurities.

Keynote speaker
National University of Singapore

Professor Jonathan Warren


Jonathan Warren is a Full Professor of International Studies and Co-Director of the Center for Brazilian Studies, University of Washington, Seattle. He has published extensively in the areas of critical race studies, development, art, and education. Some of his recent work includes “The Diversification of State Power: Vietnam’s Alternative Path to Budgetary Transparency, Accountability and Participation” (in Open Budgets, 2013), “After Colorblindness: Teaching Antiracism to Progressive Whites in the US” (in Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America, 2014), From the Bottom Up (Third World Newsreel, 2015, 61 minutes), and Cultures of Development: Vietnam, Brazil and the Unsung Vanguard of Modernity (Routledge, in press).

Keynote speaker
Featured speaker
Invited panel
University of Washington, Seattle

Dr. Nguyen Kim Dung

Kim Dung

Dr. Kim Nguyen is the Vice Director General in charge of international relations and research in higher education, educational assessment, evaluation and accreditation of the Institute for Educational Research (IER), Ho Chi  Minh City University of Education. She has been working for IER for more than 10 years. Kim’s expertise includes educational management, leadership in education, quality assurance and accreditation, research in education, educational assessment, evaluation, student evaluation and teaching methods. She has served various clients including The Ministry of Education and Training, departments of Education and Training, universities, colleges and schools in both public and private sectors.  She has built and participated in extensive quality networks in Vietnam, both at central government and local levels in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
Kim Dung has extensive experience with transition in education management, gained in Australia, the US and Vietnam. She has published numerous articles on various educational issues in leading educational journals, both international and national such as Quality in Higher Education, Educational Review and Education Science.
Having assisted many customers in both public and private sectors, international and national, Dr. Kim Dung has built sound relationship with the Vietnam Government agencies at both central and local levels, and has extensive network with foreign professional networks and organizations in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Featured speaker
HCMC University of Education

Dr Pham Hoa Hiep

Pham Hoa

Dr Pham Hoa Hiep lectures in the English Department at Hue University of Foreign Languages. He has also worked as a teacher educator for various projects in Vietnam. Dr Pham has an EdD from the University of Melbourne, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. His professional interests include teacher education, educational mobility and translation. He has published widely in international journals.

Keynote speaker
Hue University of Foreign Languages

A/Professor Dang Van Minh

Dang Van

Associate Professor Dang Van Minh, Vice-President of Thai Nguyen University, receives his PhD from University of Saskatchewan, Canada and his MSc from Khon Kaen University, Thailand. He has extensive teaching experience in the field of agronomy, soil science and rural development. He is also an expert in agro-forestry and agriculture livelihood for mountainous people. He has experienced working in various rural development projects located in mountainous regions though out Vietnam, especially in the Northern Mountainous Region. He has been also a short-time consultant and participated in monitoring and evaluation activities for various rural development projects in Vietnam funded by GOs and NGOs, such as FAO (1996), Radda-Barnen (Save for Children of Sweden) and CIDSE (1995-1997), ADB (2003), Oxfarm Britain (2003), WB (2005), Danida (2009). He also has experienced in community based development with participatory approach. He has conducted a lot of work in VDP and CDP training and development. He can do a good job in not only field survey in agriculture, but also in education and infrastructure evaluation in rural development projects.

Featured speaker
Thai Nguyen University

Professor Ilene Crawford


Dr. Ilene Crawford is Professor of English and Women’s Studies and Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT USA. She teaches courses in rhetoric, interdisciplinary studies, feminist theory, and pedagogy. Her research examines second language identity formation, English language teacher training, and higher education reform in the US and Vietnam. As a 2010 Fulbright scholar at the University of Education-Ho Chi Minh City she taught American Literature and Intercultural Communication. She is currently a 2015-17 Flex grant Fulbright scholar at the University of Education-Ho Chi Minh City’s Institute for Education Research, where she is researching emerging models of English language teacher training and the impact of liberal arts models of undergraduate education for Vietnamese students.

Featured speaker
Southern Connecticut State University

Dr. Lê Thùy Linh

Thuy Linh

Le Thuy Linh, PhD (Education, Monash University, Australia) has been a lecturer at Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE), Vietnam since 1999. She is currently the head of the English department at Baxter Institute and teaching TESOL at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She has been actively involved in English language training and teacher education through her work with various professional development projects in Vietnam and Australia over the last 18 years. Her research interests include Teacher Education and Teacher Identity, Pedagogy and Assessment in TESOL, Professionalism in ELT, and recently Vocational Training and Education (VET).

Featured speaker
Hanoi National University of Education

Dr Pham Quynh Phuong

Quynh Phuong

Pham Quynh Phuong graduated from Faculty of History, Vietnam National University. In 2005 she received her PhD in anthropology from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. After 2 year postdoctoral research in National Universty of Singagore, she has returned to work in Vietnam as a senior researcher at the Institute of Cultural Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.  She has done several researches on popular religions, cultural changes, gender issues among ethnic communities, and transgender in Vietnam. She has also involved in teaching anthropology and cultural studies.

Keynote speaker
Institute of Cultural Studies, Vietnam
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